Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions According to Eye Shape

Eyelash extensions are one of the world’s most popular beauty trends. With eyelash extensions, we can get beautiful, curvy, and thicker eyes.

Even this beauty trend is already popular among women on various continents. To make eyelash extensions point cook, we must choose eyelash extensions according to the shape of our eyes.

Various women around the world have different eye shapes. Therefore, to get the perfect eyelash extension result, we must adjust it to the shape of our eyes.

Before we discuss tips for choosing the right eyelash extension according to the shape of our eyes, we should first know how to take care of eyelash extensions so they can last up to 2 weeks.

How To Take Care of Eyelash Extensions?

The following are things you should do to treat eyelash extensions:

  • Avoid Being Exposed to Water at the Beginning

After installing eyelash extensions, you must not touch the water. Because if water hits the newly installed eyelash extension, it will cause the eyelash extension to clot because the glue has not dried completely.

  • Don’t Rub Eyes

Avoid rubbing your eyes because it will make eyelash extensions fall out.

  • Routinely Comb your Eyelashes

After washing your face, you should comb your eyelashes so they don’t clump and keep them separate.

  • Avoid Waterproof Eye Makeup

If you already use eyelash extensions, then you don’t need to use waterproof mascara because it can make the eyelash extensions clump.

  • Don’t pluck your eyelashes

Using eyelash extensions will itch, but don’t pull them out. Because it can make natural eyelashes fall out.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions According to Your Eye Shape

After knowing how to take care of eyelash extensions, then we will find out tips on choosing eyelash extensions so that they perfectly match the shape of our eyes:

  1. Almond Eye

If you have almond eyes, then making eyelash extensions point cook will not be difficult. Because all types of eyelash extensions will suit your eyes.

Owners of almond eye shapes will suit various types of eyelash extensions. For example, if you want to display Cat Eye, then you can put long eyelashes in the corner of the eye.

You can also choose the Doll Eye style if you have almond eyes because it will make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.

  1. Natural Eyes

To make natural eyes, you don’t need to attach long eyelashes. If you want to look natural, then you can install a combination of 9-11 mm lashes.

To look natural, you don’t need eyelash extensions with a high degree of flexibility. Because it will highlight the natural beautiful eyes.

The natural eye is very popular for Asian women because they want to show natural beautiful eyes with eyelash extensions.

  1. Cat Eye

This eyelash extension style is very popular because you will get cat eyes using eyelashes. The installation for the cat-eye style starts with short lashes in the inner corner and then goes out using long lashes.

This will create a cat-eye effect because the outer corner of the eye looks more tapered than the inner corner of the eye.

You can use eyelash extensions by flicking the outer corner of the eye to get a cat-eye effect. After using eyelash extensions in a cat-eye style, you no longer need to add eyeliner.

  1. Monolid Eye

For those of you who have invisible eye folds, then you are one of the people with monolid eyes. The monolid eye requires eyelash extensions that can make the eyes more open and bigger.

Owners of this monolid eye shape usually have straight natural eyelashes. So you have to choose eyelash extensions with curly ones to give the effect of big eyes.

For monolid eye, the right style is a combination of cat eye with doll eye. Cat-eye will make the corners of your eyes come alive.

While the doll eye will provide an eyelash extension in the middle to make it look more dramatic. You need eyelash extensions with a combination of length and type of curl.

That’s how to choose eyelash extensions according to eye shape. If you have found the right style, then you can make a beautiful and perfect eyelash extension point cook.