5 Benefits of Supported Independent Living (SIL)

People with disabilities can now live independently with the support and programs made official by NDIS. One of the programs that you can join is SIL or Supported Independent Living.

This is a program that can help people with disabilities live more independently and achieve this goal.

This challenge provides a modern home in one neighbourhood. This housing is sought and built by NDIS as the official institution that provides the SIL program.

5 Benefits of Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL Benefits You Will Get

The following are some of the five benefits of SIL that you will get after joining this program:

1. Become More Independent

SIL will put you in an environment where you have to live independently and make your own decisions. Here you will live the life you choose.

They have professional and trained staff to support this activity. You will get personal care, improve life skills such as cooking, house cleaning, and gardening.

In addition, you will also get the development of communication and social skills. All the staff will help you, but you are the one who will carry out all your decisions.

2. Meet New Friends

This activity will form a more comprehensive social environment. You will be taught that understanding other people’s lives is perfect for making friends.

The staff will help you find other members who share your interests. So you will find a match with them.

You can improve your communication skills with new friends and find a housemate who will become your companion.

3. Lots of Opportunities

When you decide to join SIL, then you open up new opportunities. You can participate in many activities, participate in entertainment and meet new friends.

You can improve your social skills and abilities with people who share the same interests as you.

Here you will get an easier and more helpful life because there are many activities that you can participate in every day.

4. Security and Freedom

SIL provides homes that prioritize safety and freedom. Even though you will share with other members, you have one room that you can design freely.

Your bedroom will be your place of expression. You can make up for the things you like.

Of course, this house has the best security equipment, including extinguishers, emergency tools, and prioritizing the safety of its members.

You can enjoy a free but secure life. So your parents won’t worry about your life either.

5. Lots of Support

The thing most needed when starting an independent life is support. People with disabilities need support when starting an independent life.

They will feel nervous and lonely because they have no caregiver and family. All the staff here will support you and increase your confidence.

SIL Provider has professional staff to help you improve your life skills and increase your confidence to live independently.

The staff will also support you emotionally and listen to all the stories you want to tell. Of course, emotional support helps you to live more independently and achieve your goals. If you are in Western Australia, please contact Ahanacare, NDIS Provider Perth providing Supported Independent Living (SIL).